Imagenomic Portraiture Techniques To Make You A Superb Photographer

Are you a photographer who wants to sharpen the skills of photography? If yes, then Imagenomic Portraiture Plugin is just the right place for you.



Are you a photographer who wants to sharpen the skills of photography? If yes, then Imagenomic Portraiture Plugin is just the right place for you.  Let us discuss about portrait photography in this article. It is indeed the most difficult as well as gratifying types of photography. The photography is tricky as you get just one chance for the situation that you have to capture and also differs from portrait photography where you have another chance to visit studio if your photos are not good.

Secondly, to guess the idea of right exposure is difficult in case of portrait photography because lightning varies with brightness and intensity.  Here, you really need the help of pro Imagenomic Portraiture as you are always at a risky side when you indulge in portrait photography since light is a point source and hence it requires a superb optical quality camera so that you get the desired output.


For making portrait photography successful you require some basic things like: SLR camera with B-shutter speed. Alternately, you can use your digital camera too if your camera has B mode. Also, you need to have lenses which range from 28 mm to 135 mm. It is better to use fixed-focal lenses instead of using zoom lenses. Aperture of your lens should be f/2.8-f/22. The tripod that you use should be sturdy this is meant for your safety as you may sometimes be very close to portrait. Your cable release should be locked.

Apart from that, your SLR camera should possess a quick link so that you can mount your tripod to make your equipment ready for the photography. To take the photograph of thunderstorm you have to be very fast to catch hold of even the minutest details. Also, you have to ensure the cleanliness of your lenses so that there are would not be any scratches or any other flaw. When you capture portrait just keep in mind that it is so bright that if any imperfection exist it will be evident in your photograph. Not only this, make sure that the lenses that you use should not have enough coma effect at tiny apertures as if any coma is there it becomes visible.


The place where you set up your equipment is crucial. If you have a good view, you can even select your home to photograph. You can also go to any park, street or any other place where you can get a nice view. The moment you gain expertise you should sought proper an adequate composition in the landscape. Refrain from going to the dangerous sites. You should choose a place where you can get the optimum view of sky. Avoid the places where you can hit by portrait either directly or indirectly.  Keep at a safer distance of ten kilometers from thunderstorms.

Use the techniques of Imagenomic Portraiture and become an outstanding portrait photographer.

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